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The 24-Hour Spectrum of Health

Recessed 1X4 LED Troffer design offers healthy, white light without the harmful blue light.

Recessed 2X2 LED Troffer design offers healthy, white light without the harmful blue light.

Recessed 2X4 LED Troffer design offers healthy, white light without the harmful blue light.

CIRCADIAN® ZircLight fixtures for industrial and commercial workplaces provide LED light 24/7 with intelligent control of the bio-active blue dosage by time of day and season to boost alertness and productivity, and avoid exposure to the harmful effects of blue-rich light at night.

The secrets to health, productivity and safety lie in the light spectrum. Lighting today is no longer just about task illumination, visual appearance and energy efficiency. Workplace lighting should also protect the health, and boost the productivity of the people who work under them.

CIRCADIAN ZircLights are the result of a major medical science breakthrough. They are the first lights literally designed, tested and optimized for 24/7 use in a world-class medical research laboratory. They provide the proprietary unique spectrum that has been proven to protect and optimize human performance.

Our intelligent CIRCADIAN lighting solutions are designed for cost savings associated with reduced absenteeism, work-related accidents, and health care costs. Isn’t it time you join the hundreds of smart companies who are installing our CIRCADIAN Lights?

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The Problem with Conventional Energy Efficient Lights

Most energy efficient lights in the workplace today, including fluorescents and especially LEDs, have a substantial downside health risk in evening and night operations which is now recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Medical Association (AMA) and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Because of their high bio-active blue wavelength content, these widely prevalent lights boost alertness and productivity during the day, but at night they disrupt our circadian clock and health protecting hormones and cause a 35-65% increase in the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders and depression, as well as breast and prostate cancers.

Learn more about the medical science behind our lights.


  • CIRCADIAN ZircLight Workforce Training Program

    Our program for shiftworkers and others who have to work 24/7 schedules or extended hours is world-renowned for providing critical information on managing light day and night to improve health and well-being in the form of practical, ready-to-use advice and real world examples. This on-site training program will provide you and your employees with information on:

    • The impact of blue light on sleep and health
    • Managing light at home and work to get better sleep
    • Tips to reduce fatigue and increase alertness
    • Improving health and wellness
    • Nutrition
    • How to enhance your Family/Social life
    • And more...
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