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  • Increased Productivity

    Our intelligent LED lights provide both your day and nighttime workers with an energy boost for maximal productivity and mood, while at the same time reducing overall fatigue and errors.

  • Improved Health

    As day progresses into night, Circadian ZircLight greatly reduces your exposure to the harmful bio-active light that has been shown to increase obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and cancers.

  • Enhanced Alertness

    No dimming or low CCT yellowing of light. Our dynamic LED lighting system provides high quality white light 24/7  all while regulating bio-active blue light exposure  to promote alertness and vigilance. 

Navigator Conference April 24 – 26, 2018

Co-presented: Andrew Moore-Ede, Garrie Wright:

CIRCADIAN Light, Stoneham, MA


Optimal 24-Hour Light Spectrum for Performance and Health


This presentation will discuss the latest research and trends in using the optimal spectrum of light to enhance productivity, performance, and alertness in 24/7 operations. We will also discuss the medical breakthroughs in utilizing light spectrum to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer associated with exposure to the wrong light at night. The wide-spread adoption of conventional energy efficient LED-based lights may be inadvertently creating a health and productivity crisis. We will review solutions that leaders of emergency services can use to mitigate the risks of light at night for their personnel.


The presenters will discuss the role blue light plays in regulating circadian rhythms, and how emergency service organizations can use light to maximize employee wellness and performance while mitigating risk.

Over the past 15-years, hundreds of studies have shown that exposure to blue-rich light sources in the evening and at night – especially LEDs and fluorescents - can cause substantial increases in certain diseases (e.g. diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc.) and certain types of cancer (e.g. breast and prostate) by disrupting circadian rhythms. Exposure to blue light at night is recognized as a serious health issue by World Health Organization, American Medical Association and National Institute of Health.


Conversely, the absence of blue-rich light during the day is associated with decreased alertness and productivity. Therefore, the studies suggest that the ideal solution is one in which during the day emergency service personnel work under blue-enhanced light spectrum and at night they should utilize blue-depleted, high-quality white light sources.


Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how our biological clock uses light to set our daily circadian rhythms
  2. Understand how exposure to blue light has both benefits and costs to health and wellness based on the time of day of exposure
3 Learn about lighting solutions available to EMS operations that control the delivery of blue light by time of day to maximize performance and well-being.


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