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  • Increased Productivity

    Our intelligent LED lights provide both your day and nighttime workers with an energy boost for maximal productivity and mood, while at the same time reducing overall fatigue and errors.

  • Improved Health

    As day progresses into night, Circadian ZircLight greatly reduces your exposure to the harmful bio-active light that has been shown to increase obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and cancers.

  • Enhanced Alertness

    No dimming or low CCT yellowing of light. Our dynamic LED lighting system provides high quality white light 24/7  all while regulating bio-active blue light exposure  to promote alertness and vigilance. 

Conventional energy efficient LED lights emit 15-25% of their irradiance in bio-active blue wavelengths peaking at approximately 445-460nm which is neither optimal for day or night human health and performance.

Light is only needed where people are, so during the day the optimal spectrum should peak at 480-490nm to maximize circadian synchronization, alertness and performance. During evening and night all 430-500nm blue light should be greatly reduced to avoid an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

We have built CIRCADIAN® LED light sources with the optimal bio-active blue light spectra modulated by time of day, location and season using the Circadian Photopic Ratio (CPR), a novel predictive spectral algorithm which has been validated in over 65 human subjects. Cross-over studies on healthy human volunteers show conventional LED lights at night increase insulin resistance, and appetite, but CIRCADIAN Lights protect these markers of obesity and diabetes, while optimizing alertness and cognitive performance.


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