Dr. Moore-Ede founded Circadian ZircLight Inc. in 2011 to develop innovative LED lighting products that provide physiologically optimized light spectra across day and night based on comprehensive medical research and a proprietary IP portfolio. CIRCADIAN® Light products provide the energy-saving and technology advantages of LED lighting without the considerable downside risks of dosing large populations of people with blue wavelengths at night. CIRCADIAN ZircLight is a member of the international “CIRCADIAN®” group of companies, founded in 1983, which provides products and services to over half of the Fortune 500 companies for optimizing 24/7 workforce productivity, health and safety.

As Executive Chairman of CIRCADIAN ZircLight Inc., Dr. Platika brings over 30 years of expertise in optimizing neuroendocrine function to maximize health and longevity. Dr. Platika, an expert in bringing medical devices to commercialization and FDA approval has helped create more than forty companies that have brought to market approved novel cancer therapeutics, diabetic therapies, surgical devices, and adhesives. The companies led by Dr. Platika have been listed on NASDAQ and have also been acquired by major pharmaceutical and medical device companies. In the process, he has helped raise over $750 million dollars to develop and commercialize the medical products. The most recent surgical device products have been among the first products chosen by the FDA to undergo “fast track” approval.


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