Women who slept with the lights or TV on had a higher risk for obesity.

Sleeping with the lights on may increase the risk for obesity. Researchers prospectively followed 43,722 generally healthy women, average age 55, for an average of six years.

At enrollment in the study, the women reported whether they slept with lights or a television on in the room.

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans lived under one source of light: the sun. It rose in the morning. It set at night. And evolution programmed our bodies according to that ancient, never-changing schedule.

Then we invented electric lighting.  Now instead of spending our days under the bright sun, most of us spend them in rooms that are relatively dim.

American Petroleum Institute tells members to “minimize circadian disruptions.” That means strip down the blue, at least one expert says.

In an influential move to mitigate harmful blue-tinged LED light at night, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has issued new workplace safety guidelines directing sites to minimize circadian disruptions from light sources.

API, the trade association for the US oil and gas industry, issued the new stipulations early last month in a Recommended Practice (RP) document entitled “Fatigue Risk Management Systems for Personnel in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries,” also known as RP 755.

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Learn about the New API RP-755 Lighting Requirement, critically important for 24/7 industries.

Can your Work Environment Lighting meet the New API RP-755 Lighting Requirement?

  • Has More than 15% blue rich white light during the day to promote alertness.
  • Displays UL Verified Mark to indicate less than 2% blue at night to minimize circadian disruption.
  • Automatically cycle from blue rich in the day to blue depleted at night.
  • Maintains high quality white light over 24-hour cycles to keep areas well-lit.
  • Beware of faulty substitutes that just dim the lights --- Color-Tuning lights Don’t Qualify.


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Many lighting products are incorrectly labelled "circadian." This is because the word “circadian” has recently entered into lighting industry vernacular often with limited understanding of its precise meaning. This can create confusion for architects, lighting designers and specifiers. 

So, what is circadian lighting?

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