Find CIRCADIAN Light at Booth 124 at the Northeast Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition 2019 Pittsburgh, PA.Important InformationWhat | Find CIRCADIAN Light at Booth 124When | June 20 – 21, 2019Where | Pittsburgh, PA.
Visit CIRCADIAN Light at the Northeast Petrochemical Conference & Exhibition in Pittsburgh, PA. Booth #124, June 20-21, 2019.Learn about the New API RP-755 Lighting Requirement, critically important for 24/7 industries.Can your Work Environment Lighting meet the New API RP-755 Lighting Requirement? Has More than 15% blue rich white light during the day to promote alertness. Displays UL Verified Mark to indicate less than 2% blue at night to minimize circadian disruption. Automatically cycle from blue rich in the day to blue depleted at night. Maintains high quality white light over 24-hour cycles to keep areas well-lit. Beware of faulty substitutes…
True & False CIRCADIAN LIGHTING: How To Protect Occupant Health & Productivity: Register Now Many lighting products are incorrectly labelled "circadian." This is because the word “circadian” has recently entered into lighting industry vernacular often with limited understanding of its precise meaning. This can create confusion for architects, lighting designers and specifiers.  So, what is circadian lighting?
CIRCADIAN Light will be speaking at the 2019 American Gas Association Operations Conference on May 1st at 2:25pm, in Nashville, TN. Learn More! Event: 2019 American Gas Association Operations Conference  Location: Nashville, TN
 CIRCADIAN will be speaking at the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada (PCC) Summit in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. Register Today! Concurrent Session: How to Create an Effective Fatigue Risk Management Program for your Emergency Service This presentation is designed to provide the audience with a high-level overview of current Fatigue Risk Management research and trends related to emergency service shiftwork. 
There is now substantial evidence that exposure to blue-rich light in the evening and at night increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Most energy efficient LEDs in the market today are rich in the blue wavelengths that at night trigger the metabolic processes involved in obesity and diabetes through:
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