CIRCADIAN® Light Featured in CEO CFO Magazine
Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, MD, PHD, gives interview on the many benefits of CIRCADIAN Light fixtures

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CEOCFO: Dr. Moore-Ede, what is the premise and concept behind CIRCADIAN Light™?
Dr. Moore-Ede: CIRCADIAN Light™ fixtures control the blue spectral content of white light across the 24-hour day which is critical to human health and productivity. Medical research has shown that people exposed to light at night have a much higher risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. For example, women who regularly work night shifts and are exposed to light at night have 65% higher rates of breast cancer. The problem lies in the blue content of white light. Special melanopsin-containing photoreceptors in our eyes detect the blue content of light and use that to control our circadian rhythms. During the day, this blue light content boosts alertness, mood and productivity but at night it resets our circadian clocks and disrupts the cancer protecting hormones. Unfortunately, conventional energy-efficient LED lights are rich in the very same blue wavelengths that maximally disrupt circadian rhythms at night and directly trigger the disease pathways for diabetes, breast cancer and other diseases. By precisely regulating the blue content of LED light across day and night, CIRCADIAN Light Fixtures maximize health and productivity around-the-clock without compromising light quality.

January 24, 2017Martin Moore-Ede, MD, PhD, CEO of CIRCADIAN Light speaks at the Owens Corning Sustainability Summit,  in Toledo, Ohio.  Dr. Moore-Ede  will address how new advances in circadian LED lighting technology can meet energy efficiency standards and optimize 24/7 workforce productivity, health, and safety.

October 22-23, 2016Martin Moore-Ede, MD, PhD, CEO of CIRCADIAN Light  was an invited speaker at the LESA/IES conference at the 2016 IES Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida.
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